Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dots everywhere...Am I dizzy?

This week I had to use only the dotting tool for this nail art contest .
I don't have the dotting tools, so I use toothpicks instead ;)
No more words, here it is.
PS: I love it <3

One more picture ...

An here it's what I've used. I love the blue one, cause the bottle has a star shaped ^.^

My inspiration for this mani was this picture


  1. Hi, I found you on the Chalkboard Nails contest and I just have to say I LOVE THIS!! You did such a great job and your color choices are fab!! :)

    1. Hey Stacy, thank you so much for stoping by! (: And yes, I loved how it came out. Dis you submit your mani too?

    2. Oh, no! I'm such a novice at nail art I would be far too embarrassed to submit an attempt!!


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