Monday, April 23, 2012

You don't know you're beautiful!!

Yes, now I've got the direction Infection... :P I'm singing this song all day! :O

Alright!!! This week (well it's the last week's mani, but I didn't have time to post it, sorry) I have a special mani cause it was the 19th anniversary of my favorite bands ever!!! That's what makes them beautiful!! ♫
BSB ♥ (BSB it means Backstreet boys)
So in honor to them I did this (I have to send them this pictures on twitter, I wanna know what they think :D)
OMG, 19 years,  I can't believe it *_* I remember the 90's when I was just a llittle kiddy *_*
♫ Oh, time look where we are, & what we've been through ♫ ♪ 

Ok ok, here it is ....

 I ♥ BSB

I love this one :D

 I love it!! *__*
It was kinda hard to do the letters on my right hand, it took me a few more minutes (hours? haha :P) but I dit it :D

Well, thank you to the new followers, and thanks to the old ones for stoping by :) ♥


  1. This is AMAZING!!! The minute I saw BSB I knew it was them!!! They are my second favourite band after Take That!!! Although I will admit I don't really Listen to any of BSB's newer stuff.

  2. hey Kas! thanks! :D
    Yeah, i'm a huge fan, so I listen all their songs, included the unreleased songs! :)
    I like TT too, I have a couple of songs in my ipod :D

  3. i love one direction!!
    sadly i had heard about bsb but i'm just 15 so.. i hadn't even born..


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